TulAmmo .30 Carbine Ammunition 50 Rounds, FMJ, 110 Grain

TulAmmo .30 Carbine Ammunition 50 Rounds, FMJ, 110 Grain


Caliber: .30 Carbine
Bullet Weight: 100 Grain
Bullet Type: Full Metal Jacket Projectile
Muzzle Velocity: 1805 fps
Muzzle Energy: 967 ft/lbs
Berdan Primer
Zinc Jacket (Will attract a magnet)
Non Reloadable Polymer Coated Steel Case
50 Rounds per Box


Dont miss out on this .30 Carbine cartridge loaded by TulAmmo, a perfect option for inexpensive range ammo!

An extremely resilient round, the .30 Carbine is best suited for hunting and sport shooting through bolt-action and semi-automatic weapons. Its phosphate polymer coated steel case is Berdan primed, loaded with Spheroid powder, and has a 110 grain lead core full metal jacket bullet, which launches at 1990 fps. It is non-corrosive and its steel case will attract a magnet.

Try some TULAMMO, manufactured at the Tula Cartridge works in Russia. Founded in 1880, Tula Cartridge Works is one of the most significant producers of small-arms ammunition in the world. Over the past several years the factory launched production of a wide variety of commercial products for training, self-defense, and hunting. Such ammunition is marketed Worldwide under the trademark TULAMMO.


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